Jays tips
  • Actually be active - If you've only RP'ed with two people in the last month, and you've only been on the website for three? Well. You probably won't be getting a lot of comments other than 'who are you again?'
  • Don't stop soliciting feedback in private - As, public threads are prone to being polite, brief, and politically correct. You won't get the nitty gritty details of how you suck unless you ask somebody away from the judgemental eyes of the public.
  • Link to a current thread people can review - If you want feedback about something, (especially from strangers or people you haven't written with,) link to a current thread and have people read it. Otherwise, you'll be getting a lot of familiar people scraping around their memory to try and remember how that old thread or interaction with you went two months ago, the last time you RP'ed together.
  • Give us your goals - If you want to be a better writer? Try focusing your efforts on just one or two places first. Tell the people your goals or ask for your reviewers to focus on just one or two topics to start with. Otherwise you'll get reviews that are either too brief or too expansive to seem helpful to your growth.
  • Your reviewers are fan writers, not English professors - Don't expect publisher quality reviews. Some people just want to talk about shipping your characters or how awesome your signature is. Which is awesome. But don't expect your feedback to get your ready for your first noval's commercial debut.
  • Don't sweat not getting a reply - Many feedback threads go unanswered. This is fine and very normal. After all, this website is first-and-foremost about having fun and goofing off with lightsabers and pewpew sounds. So if nobody wants to take twenty minutes of their free time to write up an essay about how your characters need more cowbell? Well. That's normal. I'd probably rather being posting sexy Zeltron RPs too.
  • Feedbacks are/are not a popularity contest - If you want people to lavish you with praises and sing your glories on the front page of the website? Posting Feedback threads isn't always the most honest way to go about it. I mean. Being popular is great and all, (and yes, it is a wildly successful way to acheive commercial and fan RP success. No lie.) However popularity it's not actually going to make you a better technical writer in the long run. So if you're feeling in need of a pat on the back? Go for it. Feedback can be a good moral raiser. However, if you just want to feel popular? Well. You're better off lavishing others with praise, giving other people good feedback, or just giving random people money on Twitch. Lol.
  • Haters gonna hate - Fan writers are picky people and good taste is just an opinion. Are you going to strike another writer's pet peeves at some point? Yeah. Is your style of RP going to mesh well with everyone? Nah. Does your character's bio look sexy and fresh to everyone who views it? Man, people don't read bios! What is wrong with you! Just use a colorful template and some fresh pics and you good homie. Lol. ...My point is. Your specific style of 'having a good time', isn't going to work for everyone online. And that's okay. Just be you. Haters gonna hate anyway.