I always liked writing blog entries more than staff announcements.

It felt more personal. Staff announcements feel like I'm throwing stuff out at the crowd, whereas a blog feels more like a conversation I'm having with a one way mirror. I can't see your cards, but you can see mine. I dunno. Maybe that's the meds talking. This weekend's been a blur for me. I took Friday off and ever since I've been cooped up on my couch in front of my Amazon FireTV, liquids coming out all ends, head pounding and my fever ablaze. It's only in these few moments of sobriety, in between knocking back gulps of Nyquil and ibruprofen, that I decided to sit down and lay out some thoughts about what I've been doing this last week.

I've been angry, so angry. I don't think I've been this angry since I got into an argument with the Staff of The Gungan Council over whether some poor schmuck deserved a ban or not, an argument that sparked the creation of this website. For those of you reading this that don't know yet, some dude decided to rip off our community. It wasn't even a clever attempt - he literally started lifting things word for word, by going through our threads and copy and pasting. It's disgusting. Now, we've had the debate about "is lifting our templates and our Factory format plagiarism?" to which I answer no... I don't believe it is. It's bothersome to me, but like I told the community and this particular asshat, it's not a camel-back breaking straw.

So what punishment lies in store for a person who does this? Do we just let them get away with it... most of you would be angry at first, I think. But you'd agree that, over time, it wouldn't matter. This poor guy's created 3 forums before this newest iteration and they've all failed, as I'm sure this newest SWRP Chaos clone will as well. So do we let time tackle the issue of retribution, as we stand aside and watch this douchenozzle of epic proportions wither away yet another forum? Or do we step back and realize that the impact this perpetrator has had on us is altogether negative, and there's nothing to be gained from any interaction with it whatsoever...

...Or do we drop all his info in a blog?

Name: Hank Geitz

Alias: Hai Isil Soldros, Aiden Mercer, Nerf Herder, The Force, Douchebag

RPG-D: http://rpg-directory.com/members/nerf-herder.750/
SWRP: http://starwarsrp.net/user/273-aiden-mercer/
D-Bag's SWRP Chaos Ripoff: http://destinysway.jcink.net/

Evidence (There's much more, but I'm saving it.):
@Alna Merrill's Guide To Godmoding: http://i.imgur.com/SlJwMHs.jpg
Douchebag's Guide To Godmoding: http://i.imgur.com/zHvGdmn.jpg

There was another site, too, that was kinda similar but we didn't focus on it because mostly all they copied was our templates and stuff. Again, bothersome. I might yell at you. But it won't warrant a ban. Only person who got banned was this fruitcup.

Seriously. &$#! you, Hank, and all of your lies. (whiny voice) "I shared my account with others." Like hell you did.