You were the finest mentor anyone could ask for. You were my best friend. You were the closest thing to a mother I have ever had. I loved you, and I'll continue loving you even now that you're gone.

It's been many years, now, since you departed this world. I still remember how I felt back then; abandoned, cold, lost. I was beyond myself with grief. I could feel my heart stop and turn into ash inside my chest. I feared the end was near for me as well, for how could little Thurion survive without his Asha - the one constant in his life? For some time I thought the task of keep on living to be impossible, but then I remembered how you would prove me wrong each and every time during training. Our friends helped, too; Rosa and Seroth, Boolon, Teynara, Jaxton... Kitty.

They're all well, by the way. Seroth and Rosa recently got married, did you know that? They are the most beautiful couple I have ever seen, and when I watched them say their vows to eachother before the Force and all of us attending the ceremony I could only hope that I will witness such perfect imagery again in my lifetime. They have earned the love they share, and they deserve to be together for the rest of their lives, to raise a family and live long lives in peace. Had I the power to make it so, I would. They're family.

Jax and Kida are doing well, too. When you last saw her Kida couldn't even walk, much less talk. Time and practise have made it so that she can do both. She is strong and capable and... I love her with all my heart. It's... not like the love I feel for you or the others. I feel an... attraction to her. Something I have never experienced before. Jaxton took me in, treated me as his own after you left us. I owe him much in the way of gratitude. I will what I can to make it up to him. He's still keeping a close eye on Kida, so I can be sure that she'll be safe whenever I set off to do whatever. The galaxy is not what it was when you last saw it, I'm afraid; while the Sith Empire lies in ruins, their members yet stalk the shadows and remain a constant threat. The Republic is rotting from the inside and everyone are gearing up for what looks like all-out war. These are troubled times we live in.

I have a daughter now - well, adopted daughter. Do you remember the Umbaran girl Master Syn brought to Coruscant all those years ago? Kära was her name. Kära Vi'dreya. This daughter of mine is of her family. Her name is Nina, her half-sister. We met on Umbara, and I took her in once I learned she was without parents. An orphan, just like me at her age. But she didn't have an older brother watching over her. Protecting her... She had nothing but herself and the ragged clothes she wore. I asked her if she would be willing to let he take care of her, and she allowed it; never would I take someone from their home without their consent. When you found me back on Pelagon and took me aboard your ship you asked me if this is what I wanted, to become a Jedi. I can safely say you've rubbed off on me in more than one regard. The girl seems quite attached to me, and I to her. I love her as much as a father could love his daughter.

Asha, I have fear in my heart. I know many I consider friends or family - many times both - and I cannot help but fear that I will somehow disappoint them, and in doing so disappoint you. I was brought out of utter despair and into this life because of you; that is why I look upon you as my mother above all. You raised me. Helped me overcome my grief. I can never repay you for it, not anymore. All I can do is hope and pray that I still do you proud after all these years. Everything that is good in me stems from you, and it is my fear that I will fail to be worthy of the love you showed me. I try so hard with every breath to love and to live, but at times I just feel... drained of it all. Like the world is so void of love and compassion that no matter what I do hate and anguish will always triumph. But I will keep trying, Asha. For you, I will do anything.

Your son,