I've never done one of these before, and probably won't again any time soon. I don't think people come to chaos to hear my thoughts.

So i'll keep this brief. I've been thinking on what Tef said, this is a great community, and it's what we do that makes it better; or worse. So, I was thinking of ways I could help to make things better. Here's my concept. The hashtag sums it up. If you're new, or you feel like the big threads or the 'big names' are intimidating, or you just have no idea how to get started in the great big wide galaxy, then

#I'll write with you

Kaine #0978 on discord, or tag me on the site, or send me a DM. Discords probably best, if only for the memes.

No expectations that you have to join my faction, family, or post to a certain regularity. Whatever you want to write, what sort of story you want, im game. I'll give anything a try. I dont consider myself a good writer or a well known figure around here, all I can do is offer to help out anyone that wants.

I dont have any great massive ideas on how to fix the world or make it a better place. But we can all at least make the effort to be cool and help each other out.

Love your work Chaos.