So, someone recommended that I keep a log. Decided it was a wise idea. Gave me a way to organize my thoughts, keep a running tally of the chit I have to put up with and log my hours of overtime. Not that I'm paid by the hour, but I digress.
This week has been exceptionally busy. Command has seen fit to grant my request for forming and fielding a robust and covert unit designed for use against targets of the Rebellion. Obviously, this means The Sith Empire and First Order. The idea was fairly straightforward: Give me your best and brightest and I'll get us results planetside. Nothing against the 1st Unconventional Warfare Unit, I've worked with a number of them and they're finely tuned fighting machines, but I thought we could use something a little darker. An even finer tip to the spear that is the Rebellion.
Thus the Deniable Operations Group was formed.
It started as an idea I hashed out with a couple of the other veterans, snowballed into me taking command of a couple Nox Corvettes and about two hundred hardened spec ops types. Shortlisted them and cut a few through interviews, left with a hundred and fifty men and women who I'd trust with my life in a moment.
They're hard folk, wizened in the field and hungry for revenge. Most of their pasts reflect the dark truth of our enemies; their families are gone, most of them burned or buried (though funerals were few and far between) following the total war escapades of The Sith Empire and they have little else to go on than to keep putting rounds down range and hope for a better course of events.
Chasing after my own heart I tell ya.
Worked out the more experienced of them, took on an adjutant and designated team leaders. Working on the outline for them now, looks like we'll have ten operational teams, five heads to each with their leads, two teams to an operation at best. Rotations will be most likely based on time in theatre and operational tempo, looks like we'll have two teams for R&R with an eleventh team designated Green Team. Rookies, at least to covert ops, they'll train in simulations designed after past operations by the resting teams aboard. Have the cycled teams train up the noobies, use their hard-earned lessons and smash those Greens with hours and hours in simulations.
Equipment is being worked out, we have a couple different options but it looks like we'll be well outfitted, at least compared to the rest of the Rebellion. It's good too, brass doesn't want us reinforcing or resupply once we're in theatre. Only resups will come from friendly units planetside and even then it'll come only with the advent of open hostilities. It's all making me nervous, these missions aren't going to be your typical drop-in, punch-out affairs. More like show-up and live-out a meek existence till the flames of revolution hit, but I'm game if these fine troops are.
Slicers are working on deep-cover identities already, getting together a massive amalgamation of possible uses so we can deploy as soon as the orders are sent down. The Chain of Command is at least short, Cedric to me and then to the team leaders, let others focus on sifting through intelligence, we'll just kick-in the doors and lay waste to our opponents. Air and heavy support are going to be limited, just another thing to add to the laundry list of difficulties that I envision. Creativity in the field could give us clear advantages, make the difficulties less severe, but I can't count on that now can I?
Anyways, we have two corvettes operational, a third may be on the table but I don't think we'll need it. Assuming of course that local forces will be enough support for our teams once they're deployed. If all else fails we've implemented bug-out options, teams will just scatter to the wind either taking themselves off the grid or off the planet, with the latter being the preferred option. Burns are another big issue, we've worked on getting everyone manning the corvettes and of course all of the dogs themselves security clearances. No real issues from what our slicers have picked up - should be smooth sailing but the problem will always be logistics.
"Oh hey, is that just some random Corvette? Oh, no? Is it the super black ops rebels? Well hey, I just gotta make a quick holocall," It'd be as simple as that and we'd be blown. Still, the fears I have are justified but being dealt with. Solutions come up faster than I can type out these damn journal entries. Hopefully, they won't be so long come the future.
So this is what I'm thinking the teams are going to deploy as:
Callsign - Appointment
Valkyrie - Me
Fortune - Close Air
Playtime - Transport
Nightingale - 1st JC-747 "Nox" Class Raider Corvette
Viking - Team 01
Foxhound - Team 02
Wrecker - Team 03
Ruffian - Team 04
Ironside - Team 05
Holdfast - Green Team
Providence - 2nd JC-747 "Nox" Class Raider Corvette
Misfit - Team 06
Viper - Team 07
Diamond - Team 08
Jaguar - Team 09
Felix - Team 10
Obviously, there will need to be adjustments made, and probably the callsigns won't last for very long. Still, it looks damned fine on paper. We've already had modifications made to the Corvettes to allow the teams to be completely isolated from the rest of the crews for the majority of their times aboard. It should keep PERSEC intact and maintain OPSEC as well, but we'll have to see how it pans out. Obviously, there are UWU troops aboard the corvettes as well, though I don't know how much autonomy they'll have or control I'll have over them. The Dogs and UWU will have to work together if we want to have a chance here anyway.
Word's coming down from the top that a large-scale deployment is on the horizon, it'll be a good time to get these Dogs fed.
And as a personal note, I like this journal stuff. Maybe I'll keep it up, who knows?