Good Evening, I'm Adara Elia with Echani Network News.

Tonight we bring you a special report as Echani everywhere once again mark the anniversary of the tragedy that occured when our home was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the Empire of Mandalore.


live images of Eshan's capital

Though homes and streets can and have been restored, the lives lost on that terrible day will never be forgotten, nor can they be restored so easily.


from stock footage taken after the attack, showing images of flames and ruined buildings

We will take you back now to the moment the Butcher of Eshan earned his title. This is exclusive never before seen footage obtained by ENN.

A Mandalorian fights in streets awash with battle. The sigil of Clan Australis is visible on his armour as he battles with sword against oncoming attackers.

Two attackers, Echani, armed with melee weapons pounce on him at once. Both fall to the Mandalorian's blade, but before they die, one of the Echani blades hits home, and cuts the Mandalorian deep in his thigh. The Mandalorian's blood sprays from the wound as the attackers fall dead.

His voice can then be heard.

::This is Kaine. I'm authorizing the use of weapons on the city. Level everything in a five block radius from my position. Danger close.:


The Mandalorian dives for cover as the entire area is blanketed in orbital fire, and the screen fades to black.

The ENN logo reappears, before being replaced again with Adara's smile.

We apologize to any of our viewers who might have found the previous footage confronting. It is the position of ENN that despite the unpleasantness of the subject matter; confronting the truth is our mandate, and it is our duty to present the truth as unbiased and undiluted as possible.

We trust in you, the viewer, to decide what is acceptable, and to make your own informed decisions.

Our special report on the tragedy at Eshan continues in part two, where we will go all the way back to the beginning of that tragic day, and take a look at more never before seen footage, and perhaps unlock some more hidden secrets.

Thankyou for watching, and goodnight. This is Adara Elia for ENN News, and I'll see you next time.

Databurst containing source material appended to holotransmission for independent verification.