"Like many Sith, I followed in the path of traditionalists. The Rule of Two. But I was not worthy of the title Master, yet. It was during a bold expedition into Republic territory, the heavily guarded homeworld of the Sith; Korriban."​
"We had slipped through patrols to locate an ancient holocron that my master desired. He also came to seek answers. It was I and his Massassi guards for company. The sun leaked a hazed orange, whether this was by some smog created from the countless battles over thousands of years, or the wind swept rocky plains that shot dust clouds across the landscape, I was not sure."​
"We did not see them coming. Jedi Shadows, concealing their Force signatures from us. They had caught wind of us, and by a rare coincidence they had also been on the planet. Even after thousands of years of study, there was still things to learn about Korriban."​
"A Kel-Dor Jedi Knight was the first to engage, crashing against the behemoth figure of my master, the Sith Lord Darth Vidar. Then dozens of them were upon us, and their skill were beyond that of even my own, but the relentless wrath and blind loyalty of the Massassi proved truly helpful."​
"In the frenzy of the fight, Jedi, Massassi and I stopped in awe. Darth Vidar was engaged in a fight that surpassed many of the legends of create Sith Lords and Jedi Masters. My masters chaotic, unpredictable approach had given the Sith Pureblood an advantage against the Jedi. His double-bladded crimson lightsaber was here, there, everywhere: unpredictable, irresistible."​
"I had lost myself, focusing only on the battle in front of me. Admiring the strength of his stance, the clarity of his angles as he chose lines of engagement. The Jedi gripped a handful of hair, and my master rode the yanking motion instead of fighting it, slipping between the grip, the Sith Lords sense of timing faster and more precise than common sense itself."​
"Vidar accelerated into a blur of motion complex and rapid enough to baffle even the Jedi's own experienced attention. What I saw as the Sith Lord increased his efforts was a living, martial hurricane, his body moving in two and three directions at once, joints flexing, unlimited by the power of the Force."​
"His attack was absolute fluidity, one motion flowing into the next, without a wasted effort. My master was pure aggression. His face narrowed to a fighting grimace, spitting curses in the ancient Sith language, moving his torso with a boneless agility that seemed impossible for any vertebrae."​
"His twin blades became a cyclone of blazing crimson light. The Kel-Dor struggled to hold, and just as my master spun to claim his head, the Kel-Dor crouched and thrusted. The blade entrenched itself deep into Darth Vidar's chest. He froze, and only when the blade was removed did he collapse."​
"It was then I realized I had all but forgotten about the battle around me. By mere seconds was I able to move out of deaths grip. A green blade of plasma skippped across my cheek. I felt my skin boil and peel. The Massassi's fury only grew with the defeat of their lord. To my surprise, they forced a Jedi retreat."​
"As the dust settled, I found Darth Vidar. He clawed at the dirt, his lightsaber fallen to the ground. He was curled into a ball, engulfed by the pain of his wound. I saw my moment, and I didn't hesitate to take it. Perhaps this was the changing point in my life. When I succumbed fully to the Dark Side. I took my blade and executed my master."​