Name: Yavriil Yolheim
Faction: TBD
Rank: 8th Royal Daughter of the Alunrovaan
Age: 16
D.o.B: ABY 820, February 28th (Alunrovaan Calendar)
Force Sensitive: Yes


Sex: Female
Height: 5'7 ft / 172 cm
Weight: 175-180 lbs / 80 kg
Eyes: [background=Yavriil's eyes are a definite deep-indigo, with different lighting presenting it as a lighter shade. In some instances, people have claimed her eyes to glow. Technically speaking, it would be true for her left eye, for later explained reasons. Yavriil's eyes have a rounded shape to them, opening wide to often show the entirety of her iris. Often times large pupils are shown, coincidentally allowing Yavriil better sight during the night. In contrast, extremely bright lights are off-putting, but manageable to an extent.[/font]
Hair: [background=Yavriil's hair presents itself with a pitch-black luster. It flows softly with thick volume, splitting off from the top-rear of her head into uneven twintails. Said tails branch off, one to the left and the other to the right, the right possessing shorter length; the right tail falls down to her shoulder, and in different lighting the latent visual distortions of the force occasionally visibly warp the space around Yavriil makes the tail appear to extend, falling further down, perhaps to her waist even. The left tail's legitimate length falls just below her hips, and just as the other tail, it may appear longer through similar fashion. As a matter of fact, the latent visual distortions which occur may tinge her hair with a slight bluish or purple hue, where some people with 'talented sight' might proclaim it to be a matter of 'aura'.[/font]
Skin: [background=Starting from the collective aspects which most visibly make up what one thinks of Yavriil一setting aside those aforementioned一, what one may find most apparent in her image is the light skin tone she possesses, even being described as unhealthily pale. Her white skin is incredibly absent of colour, easily noticeable in most all circumstances. In fact, in a situation with little to almost no light, among all persons the first one to be recognised is Yavriil, due to her skin tone (and in several circumstances, due to her vibrant left eye). Its pale demeanor is found to be matched by nearly no other, and the reason for her lack of pigmentation is probably attributed by factors which govern other physical aspects of hers. One of the main offenders in this circumstance is her association with metalwork. Being a 'manipulator' of the metals, some metal dust enters her bloodstream through the occasional cut that quickly heals; as it turns out, manipulation of the levels of iron in blood can cause pale skin, on top of the uzuur and lack of sunlight already keeping her untouched by the sun. What's eye-catching in relation to her skin is not only the paleness of it, but the pure youth it possesses. Yavriil's skin lacks open pours and imperfections, being remarkably smooth and soft. Furthermore, albeit its already colourless visage, the term 'ashy skin' fails to apply.[/font]