A hunt has been called, open to anyone in the galaxy skilled enough to bring down the greatest predators in the galaxy, Alive. These beasts will roam the planet, forming the fearsome beasts of the wilderness that young Mandalorian warriors of the future will test themselves against. Those daring hunters able to deliver such to Mandalore will win credits and renown when they are delivered, live, to Mandalore. The more fearsome and mighty, the better.

Rules :
  • No artificial or technological creations.
  • No Sithspawn or undead.
  • This part of the hunt can be carried out in any RP, Faction, Public or Private, and will require at minimum 2 posts capturing and trapping the beast alive.
  • It can be assumed if you are successful in a live capture you have successfully made delivery, RP of the delivery itself is welcome, but optional.

Scientists, Artisans, Geneticists, this is your hunt. Bring us the hardiest and most fruitful of organic flora and other fauna suitable for use as livestock. Create for us suitable species with which to repopulate Mandalore. The winners will see their creations spread across a rejuvenating planet, and be rewarded with prizes, including credits, access to the skills of talented Mando'ad smiths and engineers.

Rules :
  • Creations that have a suitability for survival and prosperity in a harsh environment will be looked upon with favor.
  • No technological or Yuuzhan Vong species please, however genetically modified creations are fine.

Architects and Engineers, this hunt is yours. Design suitable creations for life on Mandalore, we will need infrastructure, cities, places to live, places to work, places to play, places to relax, and places to admire. The winning creations will be brought to life on Mandalore, their creators honored with permanent memorials in the living creations they have helped to bring to life.

Rules :
  • Creations that have a Mandalorian flavor will be looked on favourably, as will those suitable for a world with a small, growing population.
  • Here we are looking for locations that will become part of RP on Mandalore into the future, at least until the next time it gets wiped.

Questions, thoughts and ideas, welcome! Please post them here along with any creation submissions, or link to the codex submission. Thankyou for your attention!